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A Map of Virtue
By: Erin Courtney

This play ponders the relationships between people and how they cross the paths of others. It is structured around symmetry - doubles of sorts in which what happens in the beginning also happens in the end. The terrors that haunt one of the characters is also the the theme that brings them all together as they experience it as a group. Through this, the costumes reflect the symmetry such as the two birds and the two men in blue that Sarah has relationships with. However, the objects of symmetry are not identical, but have their own unique traits.

Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom
By: Jennifer Haley

Through this horror, the play delves into our relationship to digital technology and how that impacts our interactions with other human beings such family, friends, and neighbors. Has technology affected us in a negative way in such that we do not communicate with each other anymore? The costumes follow a color palette for each scene as if in a video game going from an easy level to harder levels - the colors are light and get more intense. Characters are also wearing articles of clothing with a similar color palette as their parent.

Sherry is New York based Theatrical Costumer and Wardrobe Technician. She graduated Brooklyn College, CUNY in May 2018 with a BFA in Theater Design and Technology, with a focus in Costumes. 

The Comedia
The Prince and The Pauper
By: Lane Roisley

This Comedia was a TYA show where there was a very small budget for costumes. Most of the costumes were pulled from the theater's costume stock. It was very interactive and actors interacted with the audience members prior to the start of the play. The comedia players Arlequin, Punchin, Columbine, Rositta, and Pantalone have distinguishable features that are associated with their character, which is portrayed by their masks.

McCarter Theatre Center

2018-2019 Season


Millbrook Playhouse

54th Season

Hangar Theatre

42nd Season


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